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Schedule for 2023-24

There are still a few more yeshivot and seminaries with whom we have not yet finalized a date for presentations – we will add these dates when they become available and will notify the students.

Baer MiriamOct 316th Period
Midreshet HarovaNov 26th Period
Midreshet Lev HaTorahNov 66th Period
Lamdeini High School Summer ProgramNov 7Breakfast
Midreshet Aish Gesher Nov 76th Period
Midreshet LindebaumNov 76th Period
Bar IlanNov 8Breakfast
GushNov 8Breakfast
Machon Maayan Nov 86th Period
Midreshet MoriahNov 86th Period
Midreshet Torat Chesed Nov 96th Period
Sha’alvim for WomenNov 96th Period
Midreshet Torah Va’avodahNov 14Breakfast (RC Schedule)
MMY Nov 146th Period
Midreshet AmitNov 146th Period
OraytaNov 15Breakfast
Yeshivat Aish GesherNov 156th Period
Migdal Oz Nov 156th Period
TiferetNov 156th Period
Netiv AryehNov 16Breakfast
Torat ShragaNov 166th Period
Migdal HaTorahNov 20Breakfast
Lev HaTorahNov 205th Period
AmudimNov 206th Period
MevaseretNov 21Breakfast
ReishitNov 305th Period

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